Sabah Pas demands state government to urgently provide a temporary premise or building for the operation of syariah court at Kota Kinabalu. Since fire burned part of the syariah court old premise on 30th May this year, many syariah cases in Kota Kinabalu are postponed indefinitely.

It is very infortunate that until today, the syariah court in Kota Kinabalu either the syariah lower court and the syariah high court have not been functioning properly since the fire incident. This causes serious discomfort to the public and lawyers who have cases there. They have to wait for a long time for their cases to be disposed off. As a result, they are uncertain whether their cases would be heard. I know this personally because my own legal firm has few syariah cases and the syariah court registry told me that those cases could not proceed until the court has a proper office.

Upon enquiry by my legal firm to the syariah court registry early this week, I was informed that the court is presently renting few premises at MUIS building. However, there is no open court available to conduct trial or open hearing. This should not happen because syariah court should have its own building complete with judge’s chambers, open court, library, lawyers’ room and witnesses room. To keep postponing cases pending the completion of the new state syariah court complex which in 2018 is very impractical and will do injustice to all parties.

In respect of the new syariah court complex costing RM68 million, I have not seen any physical construction activity going on at the site for the complex which is next to the Masjid Bandaraya. My visit to the particular site this morning shows nothing is being constructed there. I am surprised and puzzled because the groundbreaking testimony for the complex was officiated by the Sabah Chief Minister in the middle of February this year. Hence, I fear the complex would not be completed by 2018. Any unreasonable delay on that project would tarnish the image of Islam in Sabah as we do not have a proper syariah court complex yet. I therefore urge the state government especially the Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Musa Aman dan Assistant Minister at the Chief Minister’s Department, Datuk Mohd. Arifin Arif to quickly look into the above two matters. I seek their consideration, co-operation and good conscience to settle the above issues on immediate basis. As the construction of the new syariah complex is a commitment of the Federal and State government in upholding Islamic virtues in Sabah, I believe both of them can request assistance from the Federal to expedite the completion of the said complex for reasons stated earlier.

Thank you.


Sabah PAS Deputy Commissioner II




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