PAS Sabah Media Statement

I on behalf of PAS Sabah extend our condolences to all residents of Penampang who are badly affected by flood on 7thOctober 2014. I pray that this tragedy will never happen again.

If the flood situation in Penampang worsens, Unit AMAL PAS, an NGO wing of Dewan Pemuda PAS Malaysia, will be mobilized to assist the Fire and Rescue Department, JPA and the police in the evacuation operation. As of now, Unit AMAL PAS will continue to monitor the situation in Penampang. In the meantime, I urge the state government to act fast in helping the flood victims in Penampang.   

I note that Penampang MP Darrell Leiking had alerted the state and federal government about the flood issue in Sabah. Darrell had in August this year suggested to the federal government to allocate RM200 million to solve Sabah flood woes which monies could be derived from the Prime Minister’s Department whose budget this year is estimated to be around RM16 billion. This sum, according to Darrell, should be used to implement flood mitigation projects in the state, especially in Kota Kinabalu and surrounding areas. And he further suggested that the initiative must be carried out as soon as possible. But Darrell’s suggestion seems to fall on deaf ears. With what happened in Penampang on 7th October 2014, I think both the state and federal government should take Darrell’s suggestion seriously.

Moyog Assemblyman Terrence Siambun also had in September 2014 wanted the authorities to tell the people about flood mitigation plans in Penampang. I guess now it is the perfect time for the authorities to tell the people about flood mitigation plans in that district and also other districts in Sabah.

I really hope that the state government will listen attentively and will act immediately on this matter to prevent similar flood incident in Sabah.


Sabah PAS Deputy Commissioner III

019-821 1976

8th October 2014.


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