PAS Sabah commends Orok for apologising to Muslims

Kota Kinabalu: PAS Sabah Deputy Commissioner III, Hamid Ismail, commended David Orok for apologising to Muslims in his Facebook account on July 5 for his alleged offending comment on Prophet Muhammad and Islam.

“It shows that he understands the effect of his comment and wishes to maintain the harmony that we enjoy in Sabah. I respectfully hope he can delete the offending comment and avoid from making similar comment again in the future if he is truly honest in his apology.

“I note that Orok had posted some verses and hadith on July 5 (prior to the posting his apology) to justify his offending comment.

I hope he can delete that post, too, because I find those verses and hadith do not justify his comment,” said Hamid here, Sunday.

Hamid also noted that Orok had posted his status on July 5 indicating that if the non-Muslims were the subjects of humiliation and vindication, the Muslims would not lodge police report about it.

“On this matter, Orok may have not known that PAS Sabah, through me, had lodged a police report in December 2013 about a Facebook page insulting the Christians in Sabah. The case is still investigated by Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission,” he said.

On this note, Hamid said all parties or individuals need to exercise restraint and use their good judgment when commenting or discussing on Islam.

“You may think your opinion on certain matters is right based on your reading of few Quranic verses and hadith. But your opinion is wrong because you have not read the other Quranic verses and hadith concerning those matters.

“This is what is happening in Orok’s case. His offending comment on Prophet Muhammad SAW can be proven to be a lie, misleading and totally wrong if we refer to other relevant Quranic verses and hadith on the contents of his comment,” he said.

Earlier, he said PAS Sabah viewed Orok’s comment as an insult to the Prophet Muhammad and Islam.

“I believe Muslims in Sabah and Malaysia would be very angry if they read the offending comment. I stress that PAS Sabah and Muslims will not tolerate with any party or individual issuing a statement or comment insulting or humiliating Prophet Muhammad SAW or Islam.

“The relevant authorities must act against those party or individual issuing such statement or comment,” he said.

Since PAS, Umno and certain NGOs have lodged police reports against Orok, PAS Sabah was leaving it to the police to take further action on this matter, he said.

Towards this end, Hamid said Sabahans, in particular, should continue to prove to the entire Malaysia that “we in Sabah can tolerate each other despite our differences in race and religion.”

“Let us live in peace and harmony in this State and nation.

Ridiculing and degrading other religion only destroys our unity in this multi-religious state,” he said.


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