Sabah PAS happy with GE13 results

By Linda Peters

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Pas has done better in the recent 13th general election on May 5 since it is incepted in the state in 1986.


The opposition party, in today’s post-election press release, stated that the people of Sabah had started accepting the party as it did not practice racist politics and treated everyone equally.

“Number of fielded candidates and the total votes for candidates indicate that people have accepted the party as a competitive component to stand for the people” the spokesperson stated, adding that the party thanked the people who had exercised their rights as voters.

PAS candidates in Sabah are famous for losing their deposits in elections over the years, but they can walk with their heads high after GE13 where they contested 10 State seats and 2 Parliamentary seats and some of their candidates returned impressive results.

In Batu Sapi for example, PAS Sabah commissioner Hamza Abdullah lost by only a 3,798 majority, something unheard of in the past when he would probably pick three-digit votes and lose his deposit.

Similarly, in Kalabakan, the other parliamentary seat contested by PAS, its candidate Usman Madeaming polled 8,904 votes to Ghapur Salleh’s 23,125.

In a suburban mixed constituency like Tanjung Aru, its candidate, Hamid Ismail (photo) polled a very high 5,409 votes, which meant that a number of non-Muslims had voted for him.

Others who did well were Laiman Ikin in Tempasuk (3,285 votes), Ahmad bin Dullah in Merotai (3,957) and Fatmawaty Mohd Yusof in Tanjong Batu (3,228).

Pas also congratulated on the newly formed state cabinet under the leadership of Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman.

They hope government will focus on infrastructure development and further improve the quality of education in the state.



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