PAS spreading its new wing to Sabah and Sarawak

By Teoh El Sen

PETALING JAYA: In less than a month since the non-Muslim PAS Supporters’ Congress (DHPP) was upgraded from its former status as a club, the new wing is now venturing into Sabah and Sarawak with plans of a massive recruitment drive there.

DHPP head Hu Pang Chow said that PAS is organising a huge gathering in October in Sabah and Sarawak, and DHPP will be working to get locals to join the wing.

“Currently, PAS has less than 10 divisions and about 300 members in Sabah and Sarawak. Most of the members are Kadazan and Iban,” said Hu.

“Even as PAS sets up more divisions in Sabah and Sarawak, DHPP will work hand in glove to explain and encourage non-Muslims to join the party,” said Hu.

“Recruitment will start after our meeting this week. We will also discuss restructuring our set-up in all the states because previously, as a club, our organisation was loosely managed,” said Hu.

“We have many ways to promote ourselves, but I feel that the best way is to go down to the ground and tell people the good things we are doing.

“If they are sincere enough, they will join automatically and if they are sceptical, they will ask ‘what can you offer to me? ‘” added Hu.

“My reply to them would be, ‘a promise to make Malaysia a better place for everybody through DHPP, PAS and Pakatan Rakyat’.

“We cannot and are not doing this alone because we can’t win all the seats in Parliament with just one party.”

‘PAS can do it’

Hu said a meeting will be held in Sabah to chart strategies for DHPP to follow. He added that PAS will also be holding a closed-door seminar with representatives from every state this Sunday in preparation for the next general election.

Asked who the DHPP candidates or the constituencies which DHPP may contest in the next election, Hu said they have not been specifically identified.

“We have our candidates in every state. But we must makes sure we win for Pakatant rather than for DHPP,” said Hu.

Hu addded that DHPP only wants to take on Umno and BN, and not compete with their allies, the DAP or PKR.

“We dont’ want any misunderstanding. I strongly deny reports that say as such. Since 2004, we have proven that we have aided PAS and Pakatan.”

He said that where Onn Jaafar (founder of Umno) failed to make Umno a multiracial party, PAS will prove that it can do it.


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