Sabah PAS wants Tawau Council to cancel Inul show

Tawau: Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) Youth wing on Friday handed a memorandum to the Tawau Municipal Council (TMC) to cancel the planned concert at Tawau Sport Complex on May 29 by Indonesian celebrity, Inul Daratista, famous for her hip gyrations.

Sabah PAS Deputy Commissioner 1, Haji Hamzah Abdullah, handed over the memorandum to TMC Senior Administration Officer Datu Rafee Datu Makling. Also present was PAS Tawau President Mohamad Husain.

The memorandum suggested that the concert be cancelled negative element and could create social problems. PAS said the organiser should look for Malaysian artistes with polite dressing and accepted by majority of Malaysians.

About 100 people conducted a peaceful demonstration at the compound of Masjid Al-Khautar after Friday prayers followed by the handing over memorandum to TMC at 2pm.

They also displayed several posters/banners calling on Inul to go home.

It was learnt that the demonstration involved 10 mosque chairmen in Tawau and 10 non-governmental organisations. Police and special branch personnel were also at the scene.

No police permit was issued for the gathering.

Inul Darastista or Ainul Rokhimah has been labeled by the Indonesian Muslim Cleric Council as a “stripper” because of her “gelek” dancing.


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