Burst pipe causes flood at Federal Complex

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Workers fixing the pipe 

KOTA KINABALU: A burst pipe at a block of the new Federal Complex here “flooded” several offices including the Malaysian Anti Corruption Agency premises on the seventh floor.

The state MACC office as well as the federal secretary’s office and MAMPU office were flooded after the main distribution pipe covered by ceiling board burst and damaged a number of office equipment including computers and files.

However, MACC state director Deputy Comm Jalil Jaafar said that no important files or investigation papers were destroyed at their office used for community education activities following the 6.30am incident yesterday.

Federal Secretary Datuk Ismail Wadin said that maintenance team managed to stop the leakage within 20 minutes with cleaning work underway.

He too said that no important government files in his office were affected as they were stored in a safe room.

“The building is still under the defect liability period and it is still under the responsibility of the contractor,” he said, adding that they ordered the contractor to check all piping systems as well as electrical works.

Water from the broken pipe also flowed through the stairway down to the ground floor of the building prompting administrators of the complex to shut down the lift services at the building block.

“`The water was quite strong,” said a federal department staff who, like many others realised what had happened after arriving for work around 7am.

The Sabah Federal Complex, dubbed mini Putrajaya, has three blocks built at a cost of RM360 million. It began operations in 2007 and most of the federal agencies had moved into the complex.

The building has also been wrought with problems as tiles put up as the building’s façade began to fall months after the complex was opened. Works are still being carried out to resolve the issue

Source : http://www.newsabahtimes.com.my/nstweb/fullstory/29418


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